CON GAMES: Return To Powderhorn

After a great day last winter to Powderhorn in Grand Mesa, Colorado, my wife and I vowed to get our ticket punched in 2011 and to stay overnight for two days of weekend skiing. A particular pleasure for me at Powderhorn is the ubiquitous presence of my old high school pal Steve Adams, who raised his... Read more →

CON GAMES: The Point Of Breckenridge

That exclamation point from a young skier was literally the last thing I heard as I took my tools of ignorance off the mountain and into One Ski Hill Place at Breckenridge, at the end of an immensely satisfying day on the slopes. I didn’t really expect to like Breckenridge much at all, and the chill... Read more →

CON GAMES: Snow Job In Aspen Skico Pay Stinkeroo

As a former ski instructor and ex-AFL/CIO union treasurer—a very small club—I feel like it’s incumbent upon me to put in my five pennies about the avalanche that has ensued from ski instructor Lee Mulcahy’s complaints about pay for Aspen/Snowmass ski instructors. Like him or not, Lee Mulcahy’s... Read more →

CON GAMES 24/7: AVSC, Democrats Rally

The Con Man welcomes the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboarding Club back to the program, then explains why the conventional wisdom that said Democrats would be damanged by the primaries was so completely wrong.  Click here for the complete “Con Games with Michael Conniff” for Tuesday June 10,2008.  Read More →

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