CON GAMES: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

It would be way too easy to say I picked the perfect time to suspend my “Con Games” show on local radio, and it would be easier still to insist, despite all evidence, that I have done so because (a) I am disgusted with politics as we now know it; and (b) I’m no longer willing to spend... Read more →

CON GAMES: Con Man Bids Farewell To Local Radio

The time has come to mothball my “Con Games” radio talk show on and I couldn’t be happier about the decision. How could that be? For more than six years, through rain and snow, I never missed a show–not once–and I did well over a thousand hours on the air on KNFO and KUUR... Read more →

Con Games: How Colorado Saved Liberal Cause

Everthing seems to be happening earlier today–an hour earlier–including my Con Games show. So that means it feels like I’m in the studio an hour earlier than usual, though paradoxically I also slept in this morning. Go figure. It’s just like politics these days: it seems upside... Read more →

CON GAMES: Ed Schultz Liberal At Last

CON GAMES: Ed Schultz Liberal At Last With all due respect to my betters in the talk radio business, I have to take Ed Schultz to task for finally calling himself “a liberal” and compounding my annoyance by saying his goal as of right now is to be “the most liberal” talk show host on the planet. Well,... Read more →

CON GAMES: Rush Limbaugh, Elitist

Those of us in the talk radio dodge can’t help but make note of Rush Limbaugh, the thousand-pound magilla in our particular jungle. Those on the Right might not have noticed, but the blame game has taken a rightward turn in Rush’s world: no longer happy to blame everything on Democrats and liberals,... Read more →

The Return Of Con Games To YourRadio

Holy Batman am I happy to be reporting that starting tomorrow and Sunday, June 5th and 6th, your friendly neighborhood Con Man is returning the world of radio. “Con Games with Michael Conniff” is now a weekend show from 9-11 AM Mountain (11-1 Eastern) on YourRadio (KUUR-FM) on the Western... Read more →

CON GAMES: Talk About Crazy

NEW YORK—I am a political prisoner seeking asylum. I am here at the Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar during the final moments of the healthcare debate and I am surrounded by people who would just as soon call President Barack Obama a communist or a socialist or a Muslim—or worse, a liberal. I am... Read more →

CON GAMES: CON MAN Celebrates Five Years On The Air

Liberal talk radio? After twenty years of bleating bleeping conservatism, when I began my show on KNFO in Aspen on April 18, 2004, there was just barely such a thing. Air America had managed to make it onto the air—my brother Frank Conniff even worked there as a staff comedian—before imploding instanter... Read more →

CON GAMES: The People Meter That Ate Talk Radio

MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA—In this crazy mixed-up Google-eyed world of new media, nothing will drive old-line linotype types bonkers quicker than the newbie notion that you can actually measure your audience by the jot. If you look at newspapers and magazines—if you look a print, period, no pun intended—you... Read more →

CON GAMES: Liberal Talk Show Host Lost In Land Of The Cons

VENICE BEACH, CALIFORNIA—Walking along the boardwalk here on the eve of the Radio and Records Talk Show Seminar this week I was passed by a youngish thug wearing a “Serenity Now” T-shirt and walking a gray pit bull like he had Lassie on a leash. So there you have it. If you are within the sound... Read more →

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