Budget Whats?

Really?! Is cutting America’s budget really such a contentious issue? It seems like common sense. We need what we need, really need, to be able to have our basic needs met, and the rest of it is mostly excess, although we sure like having it around. The time is fast approaching for us to go into... Read more →

CON GAMES 24/7: Hope Always Floats For Pathfinders

Click here for the complete “Con Games with Michael Conniff” for St. Patrick’s Day, Monday March 17, 2008. Tina Staley and Kristin McDermott, co-founders of the Pathfinders cancer survivors organization, spend an hour discussing the role of hope among cancer survivors. Then the Con... Read more →

CON GAMES: All’s FAIR In Dearth Of Reporting

I have known the idea of independent investigative reporting powered by a non-profit in Aspen has been percolating for at least six months, and I’ve known about it from the start. Even so, I’m more than a little bit floored that Factual Aspen Investigative Reporting (heretofore FAIR) has been formed... Read more →

CON GAMES: Raucus Caucus In El Jebel

Democracy at work—and democracy without the smirk—were both there to behold election night at the Eagle County Precinct 7 caucus of which yours truly chose to exercise the rites and rights of citizenship.   When we arrived there was a long line leading up to the sign-up table where we Eagle County... Read more →

Your Body Right Or Wrong

A very smart and politically active woman and the Con Man had the following email exchange after his “Con Games” show about abortion and The Quiet Majority: Michael, I had a chance to listen to your show this am and agreed on most of your salient points regarding the silent majority.  Don’t... Read more →

CON GAMES: Why Gay Ski Week Creeps Me Out—And That’s A Good Thing

Okay, I admit it: I’m a card-carry liberal and Gay Ski Week in Aspen still creeps me out.Here’s one example: I never go to the wild and wooly ski parade down Aspen Mountain, though I’ve been close enough downtown to hear the whoopin’ and hollerin’. Not only have I never been, but I have never... Read more →

CON GAMES: Life Never Better For Sheriff Bob

Fifteen hundred pounds of marijuana is a whole lot of pot, even in Pitkin County, but 1,500 pounds is not nearly enough for Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials to alert Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis that a major drug ring is doing business right under his nose—until the bust was in the books. The... Read more →

Con Man Casts Deciding Vote In Favor Of Mick

Imagine my dismay when I learned Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland failed to win the “best recent change in Aspen” competition outright. The Mayor, in fact, ended the vote in a dead heat with the spanky Silver Queen Gondola now servicing Aspen Mountain like a slavish bellhop at an Aspen 5-star hotel.... Read more →

CON GAMES: Farewell, Howie Berg

I have never been one to get choked up at funerals before, but then I had never been to a memorial service for Howie Berg, a beloved Aspen local who died just days ago in a Denver hospital. I never knew Howie Berg, and I never knew till I got to the service at the Elks Lodge in downtown Aspen that he... Read more →

CON GAMES: Aspen Conspiracy Theories

Begin your bad novel this way, with a series of unfortunate events. The convicted CEO dies unexpectedly of heart trouble heretofore undetected in Old Snowmass pending appeal. Then the former Secretary of State, a former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, becomes mysteriously ill and goes to the hospital... Read more →

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