CON GAMES: Pitkin County Sheriffs Finally Shut Up About Aspen Cocaine

The latest twist in the Aspen cocaine bust blues is actually not the news that Michael Cleverly of Woody Creek—artist, writer, self-appointed “journalist”—is now being compelled to show his mug July 25, 2011, in front of a Grand Jury in Denver, Colorado. The real news is that when the current... Read more →

Budget Whats?

Really?! Is cutting America’s budget really such a contentious issue? It seems like common sense. We need what we need, really need, to be able to have our basic needs met, and the rest of it is mostly excess, although we sure like having it around. The time is fast approaching for us to go into... Read more →

CON GAMES: Grace Church Worships At Municipal Building

The arrival of Grace Church at 1776 Emma Road in Basalt–1776 is not a misprint–roiled and soiled the community in Emma as they contemplated a megachurch, albeit a teensy one, in their midst. Dead center in the Roaring Fork Valley, the more liberal members of the town were universally concerned... Read more →

CON GAMES 24/7: Our Veterans, True Patriotism

The Con Man gets a visit from Lt. Colonel Dick Merrit and Seaman Dan Glidden, two retired veterans who stand for all that’s good about those who have served the country. Also: a bit of a rant of flag lapel pins and taking back the lapel flag pin–and the flags–from those who desecrate... Read more →

CON GAMES: The Real American Values

For far too long, conservatives have made political hay with the notion that they are the party of ideas and the party of values—even as they’ve held a far too timid opposition at bay for having neither. Enough, already. The free ride is over: conservatives have not had a new idea since The Gipper... Read more →

CON GAMES: Don’t Blame Me, I’m A Conservative

The party of ideas has descended into potty-mouth Purgatory this primary season—but not to worry. No matter how wrong or wrong-headed conservatives can be, they never ever take the hit for just being wrong. Being a conservative, in fact, means never having to say you’re sorry whether you’re sorry... Read more →

CON GAMES 24/7: High-Tech Visas, Al-Sadr Surging In Iraq

Click here for the complete “Con Games with Michael Conniff” for Wednesday March 26, 2008. Mike McGarry, co-founder of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR) returns to “Con Games” to debunk Bill Gates and his high-tech visas. Then the Con Man turns his attention... Read more →

CON GAMES: Six Degrees Of Condemnation

Democratic Presidential politics has been devolving for years into the unspeakable drip-drip-drip of he said/she said. Say what? In such a cesspool, Barack Obama enjoys a distinct advantage because he is not old enough to have said all that much, whereas Hillary Clinton on the record has been a broken... Read more →

CON GAMES: Fringe Characters And Other Politcal Truths

The temptation to dismiss the latest entrance of Ralph Nader into the 2008 Presidential race is all but overwhelming, and I admit my first instinct is to let fly with an indecipherable curse that ends in the sigh: “Not again.”  I’m all for third-party candidacies—except in Presidential races,... Read more →

CON GAMES: Raucus Caucus In El Jebel

Democracy at work—and democracy without the smirk—were both there to behold election night at the Eagle County Precinct 7 caucus of which yours truly chose to exercise the rites and rights of citizenship.   When we arrived there was a long line leading up to the sign-up table where we Eagle County... Read more →

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