CON GAMES: Aspen Cocaine The Shame Of The City

The willingness of the Aspen community to adopt a don’t ask/don’t tell policy when it comes to cocaine trafficking—and then to slavishly say they like it that way—is shameful, disgraceful, and all but indefensible. Want to hear the latest joke? Both Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo and his... Read more →

CON GAMES: Don’t Make Marilyn Pay

You may be shocked and even apalled to hear this–and I am shocked myself–but I am actually going to defend failed Aspen Mayoral wannabe Marilyn Marks. Let me explain before you fall off your chair. As people round about the roundabout know, my differences with Marilyn Marks have been dark... Read more →

Meet Mick, My New Facebook Friend

Most people in these parts know without fear of contradiction that the Mayor of Aspen and yours truly are not always on the same page, maybe because I’m the one who keeps saying he is the fearless leader (dictator?) of what I call the Bath Party. I also say that sometimes, after one of his bike... Read more →

CON GAMES RADIO: ‘Why The Dali Lama Matters,’ Burlingate, Chris Klug

An eclectic mix from the Con Man: Robert Thurman, author of “Why The Dali Lama Matters,” the father of actress Uma Thurman; then a rant on City officials blaming him for a rumor; and finally a visit from Aspen Olympian snowboarder Chris Klug, with news of his foundation to promote organ donation. Click... Read more →

CON GAMES RADIO: Burlingate Ad Scam, Obama’s War, Satire Quagmire

The Con Man is apoplectic that the Aspen City Council is misquoting him in its misinformation campaign in support of the Burlingate bond fiasco. Then: Obama’s new war platform, political correctness, and the infamous Barack-Michelle New Yorker cover. Click here for “Con Games with Michael... Read more →

CON GAMES RADIO: Death Of A Well-Known Gun Amendment

The Con Man goes from Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland, to the false god of flip-flopping, to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow individual ownership of handguns. Click here for the complete “Con Games with Michael Conniff” for Monday June 30, 2008.  Read More →

CON GAMES RADIO: Mick, Barwick Fireworks

Mayor Mick Ireland of Aspen and City Manager Steve Barwick meet the Con Man with controversial results.  Click here for the complete “Con Games with Michael Conniff” for Thursday June 26, 2008.  Read More →

CON GAMES: The Tragedy Of Irish Ireland

Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland was yelling at me as he was walking out of the KNFO studio after his live appearance with City Manager Steve Barwick on “Con Games” Wednesday morning and I was yelling back. It would have been better all around if Mayor Ireland had been so kind as to scream at me... Read more →

CON GAMES 24/7: Burlingate And Other Scandals

The Con Man can’t help himself: he has to liken the Burlingate affordable housing scandal in Aspen to the neoconservatives who rule(d) Washington. What do they have in common? Both the local liberals and the Beltway conservatives felt they knew better. Don’t miss the call from former... Read more →

Aspen’s Half-A-Billion Dollar Housing Scam

For the most part, people in Aspen have no idea when pols behind closed doors are making calls they will pay for through the nose for a long, long time. This is one of those times, as city officials huddle for the first time to float a plan that would float a bond to pay for affordable housing. The cost:... Read more →

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