Texts From Hillary Guy Is Now a BuzzFeed Guy

Listen up for an important career lesson: If you're clever enough to co-create a meme that gets so popular, the Secretary of State lolz along with it, you're probably clever enough to work for one of the Internet's leading meme chronicler and generators. Stacy Lambe, the sharp-witted Tumblr user who co-created (with Adam Smith) the short-lived Tumblr Texts from Hilary and the mind behind I'm With Kanye has been hired by BuzzFeed. (His face is semi-hidden in the composite above.)

BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith—who's been a hiring spree latelyannounced the hire on Twitter (of course) and Lambe retweeted it. We can't wait to read Lambe's posts like—who knows?—"Texts from Salty Lolcats Dressed in Sailor Outfits" and "Planking with Bill: A Feline Interpretation." 

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