CON GAMES: Ground Zero Mosque Liberal Litmus Test

If one is a liberal—as this one is—then one finds oneself confounded when liberals are arrayed against you.

 What can’t they see the world the way you do, the way they always do? 

As host of “the last of the liberal talk shows” and prognosticator without portfolio, I have been literally gobsmacked by the liberal reaction to the Ground Zero mosque now known so innocuously as Park51—hardly a mosque at all to hear tell from forces on the Left. Liberals to a man, woman, and child have decided that the argument against such a place of worship is “embarrassing” (Chris Hayes over and over again on the Rachel Maddow show). They say nay-sayers are Islamaphobes or worse—as if anything could be worse than being afraid of a religion that stones women. 

Confounding the case for this liberal is the brain-dead attacks from the Right, yet another opportunity for conservatives to complain their political opponents are “weak on terror.” When Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and Newt Gingrich are on your side, it’s time to find a mirror and weep for the poor guy staring you in the face. 

Proponents of the mosque—and they are legion on the Left—will make the case that Park51 is nowhere near Ground Zero, when in fact the building is two blocks away, a mere tenth of a mile, not even halfway around one half of a running track. And they are happy to forget that part of a 9/11 jet’s landing gear landed square on Park51, rendering the building worth but $4 million of its original $18 million asking price. There is also the major problem of accounting for where the millions will come to replace the razed Burlington Coat Factory. 

Did somebody say Saudi Arabia? Wahabi Central? 

Let’s be clear as the driven slush. Imam Rauf and his Park51 minions have every right to build their mosque wherever they want just like it says in the Constitution, exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of religion. But the rest of us have a right to raise bloody murder because of the carnage Allah wrought on 9/11. 

Park51 also has to be seen within the con being perpetrated by the moderate Muslim leaders who recorded a YouTube video that bespoke their unending moderation—in contrast to reams of video from each of them that bespeak anti-Semitism and the fervent embrace of jihad. Not to mention Imam Rauf’s willingness to point the finger at the United States on “60 Minutes” moments after 9/11. 

News bulletin: Islam has not conquered the United States and never will, but we must remain vigilant. Jihadists and many of their moderate sympathizers would just as soon kill us as look at us. If we really do need another mosque in Manhattan as a sign of reconciliation, please put it somewhere else. In a country that believes in freedom of religion, Ground Zero is sacred ground.

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