Subject: Why Can’t We Save Any Of The Great ‘Locals’ Bars?

From the Con Man’s email bag:

Can anyone tell me why it is that you can’t find a bar to call “home” in Aspen unless you drink martinis and bleed champagne?  What happened to the funky blend of chic and adrenaline geek that used to rub elbows and drink cheap beers in the bars?  I won’t recap another all-too-common story about ‘when I came to Aspen “x” years ago…’, but come on, someone has got to save the institutions that have housed some great moments in locals history!  Please people, don’t we have ANY power as a collective?  We couldn’t even save a historical builiding for Pete’s sake (the Onion); yet, the town has so many building restrictions you can’t remodel your closet without permission from the Pope!  Will anyone stop for a minute to think about what we are losing with all this ‘shut ‘em down quick’ progress?  Where will the next generation of “locals” hang out?  You know, the people you met when you came here 20 years ago, looking for a job that would let you work to live.  Or in the words of John Denver, “earn just enough to spend.”  I certainly hope we don’t turn into a trust fund harbor.  Despite the finest renovations money can buy (I’m sure), it  would eliminate a lot of the beauty that makes up the character of this town.

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