Conspiracy Nuggets From Star Eagle

Herewith this email from Star Eagle concerning the upcoming appearance Thursday on “Con Games” on KNFO of Darryl Donnelly, the eyewitness to the Pentagon crash on 9/11 whose photographs have been seen around the world:


Greetings Michael,

I am glad to hear that you are going to have your bud on next Thursday to debunk all these crazy conspiracy nuts for brains.

However, Michael…have you bothered to even try and watch the movie that I have recomended you actually SEE for yourself before you bring in your expert.

Please remember Michael I was right in your camp saying essentially what you are now saying because I too was of the opinion that there was no way it could have been anything else. The only thing that could change my mind was if I saw something that really chalenged my high B.S. standards.

I have now seen that Michael, and yes, I still agree that those passenger planes were hijacked and they did fly into the buildings and they were hijacked by TERRORIST. By terrorist, I mean those mostly Saudi men that we were told were the hijackers.

And yes Michael, I do beileve that your friend did see a plane fly over his head and that it was that plane that did hit the Pentagon.

These (and many more) are not facts that I dispute.

But Michael there is far more to this picture than those facts and you need to look into this a bit deeper before you judge that bigger picture.

You are a N.Y. boy. You know how much more complex that site and this issue really are. If you watch the vidio (9/11 Mysteries) I write about you will see for yourself that there were other  factors involved beyond the stated fact that the terrorist were still going to attack the Trade Towers after the 1993 bombing. I for one, already knew that because I had read it in the newspapers sometime between the years 1993 and 2001 (1998 maybe) that the terrorist still had those Towers in their sights. I said to myself that “they will hit them again”. I just never expected the spectacular results that follewed.

But it is much more than this that I see Michael. One example, we have all seen the footage of Bush being told that indeed a second plane had hit the South Tower. The look on his face and his lack of action has always bothered me. I just have a hard time not feeling that something is just not right in his response, or lack thereof. Now this is an example of my personal feelings on this but then we come to actual footage of people right there at that time and place (the streets of N.Y.-9/11). They are saying that they were hearing explosions in the buildings and you have people in the building talking about things going on in the days before hand that were very suspicious, especially considering the way the Towers ended up falling. 

And Michael there is much much more. Too much to just ignore. At least I can’t. Especially for me because I am aware of the, what you could possibly call, conspiricies involved in the rebuilding effort. But you have to see this vidio and the evidence it presents before you really know what I mean.

Now, it looks like I am going to be on the road next Thursday and will miss your show so all I can do is ask you to at least watch this vidio (9/11 Mysteries) for yourself before you further slam all the conspiracy theories and, I might add, theorist.

I am not saying that I am right for sure on this conspiracy thing Michael but I am informed enough to know that it is possible and that if it is true it would go far in explaining things like “why did Cheney change his tune since Desert Storm and his perception of what would happen then in Iraq (1991) if we kicked Saddam out of there and hung his sorry ass and now, when that is exactally what he has endorsed since taking over the vice-presidency”. Now those might not have been your exact words I heard this morning but, coming from my conspiracy theorist mind, that is essentially what I heard. Yes, I do have a (warped) sense of humor.

Anyway Michael, I could go on and on and in time you will hear much more, but enough for now, and untill I hear from you that you have indeed watched the above mentioned vidio I am afraid that I have to call it as you call it when you stand up for your bud who saw the plane and…you know what I mean.

Get ahold of me and I can get you the disc to watch as I really don’t recomend watching it over the internet.

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